Teague Natural Farms has three generations of roots in the cattle business.  We have been in many parts of the business over the years: Dairy, Commercial Cattle, Bucking Bulls and now Angus/Wagyu Beef Cattle.  We exclusively manage every part of our cattle husbandry, breed, birth and care for our cattle on our own property. This ensures that when you serve our beef, you and your family and guests will enjoy our story in every bite.

Here is how we do it:  

Because we own an entire vertical spectrum of the beef business, we don’t have to cut corners. Our cattle are calved and weaned on our Eastern North Carolina property. They are then brought to our finishing farm in Fletcher, North Carolina, just outside of Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The mountain environment provides cool weather, abundant rainfall and rich grass.

Our animals also receive gentle treatment and have very low stress.  They are raised naturally – start to finish. No growth hormones, no antibiotics and no animal parts are ever fed to our cows. Unlike most operations, we believe in the balance of grass and grain. So we supplement with non-GMO grain.  It’s great for the animal digestive system and produces a highly marbled, best flavored-melt in your mouth result.

We have also found that our Angus/Wagyu crosses have both excellent muscle definition and an amazing ability to convert grass and grain into fat. After arriving from a USDA abattoir, we hang, carve and dry-age our meat all on our own premises. Dry-aging is used for higher end cattle with higher fat content. The end result is an unmistakably rich and nutty flavor and super tender beef. We would not provide it to you any other way.