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We start with amazing cuts of Wagyu-Angus that were raised to have intense marbling, flavor and a great texture.  Then we make if even better. Our dry-aged craft beef process is a minimum of 30 days, and we do it onsite at the farm. It brings out more nuanced flavors and increases tenderness as well.  

But what exactly is the dry-aged process you ask?  Here’s a great description from Brad Leone, test kitchen manager at  Bon Appétit, “Dry-aging happens when meat has been left to hang out in a temperature- and moisture-controlled environment. Over time, the meat’s natural enzymes begin to break down the connective tissue and rid the meat of moisture, which results in a rich, nutty, and tender piece of beef. Yes, your pricey steak is essentially starting to decompose. Science!”

After getting our beef back from our local abattoir, we do this work in our dry aging room at the farm. These are some of our most popular cuts and a must order for steak aficionados in the southeast and beyond.
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