Dry aged beef from our Wagyu-Angus cross herd is our specialty

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Dry Aged Craft Beef from our Farm to your Table.

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Welcome to Teague Natural Farms where we raise North Carolina craft beef for the southeast and beyond. Nice to meet you. Are you ready to feed your family and friends better beef? You’ve come to the right place. Dry aged beef from our Wagyu-Angus cross herd is our specialty. And we can’t wait to share it with you. We’re committed to pasture-raised grain finished beef. This creates the most amazing marbling and the best taste experience that only our third generation family farm can deliver straight to your door.

We Raise Craft Beef Naturally

Our farm takes a natural approach to raising a cross of Wagyu-Angus cattle.  This means our beef is:
• 100% Antibiotic Free – our cattle never receive antibiotics
• Non GMO – the grain we feed our herd is a special, high quality Non-GMO blend
• Growth Hormone Free – our cattle never receive any growth-promoting hormones

Some natural farms include do include a feedlot or feedyard, but we don’t believe in this. We let our cattle roam the pasture to enjoy their natural grasses and special non-GMO grain.

Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed and Grain Finished Craft Beef

 To ensure our Wagyu-Angus cattle get our full attention, we take on no more than 25 cattle at a time. This gives them plenty of space to roam and eat right. We give our cattle:
• 50 acres to roam with five pasture areas
• Daytime grazing on native grasses and indigenous plants
• Craft grain in the evening that’s always non-GMO and nutrient-rich

We like grain finishing because it enhances marbling, flavor and tenderness for better finishing overall. In terms of flavor, grain-finished beef typically produces a milder steak flavor than grass does alone. Plus, grain-finished beef also has a lower carbon footprint than grass-finished beef as the cattle produce less methane and reach their desired weight faster. (source: Beef Checkoff)  This means there is less stress on the environment.

From our Farm to Your Table

You deserve a true farm to table meat experience, whether you’re a Charlotte beef fan or in the Carolinas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Nashville or anywhere in-between. Count on Teague Natural Farms for:
• Premium grass fed and grain finished Wagyu-Angus craft beef raised by our family, for yours. USDA Prime.
• Easy online ordering and all the latest cuts – including dry aged steaks, wet-aged steaks and slow cooking cuts
• 1-2 day delivery in the southeast, straight from our farm to your door (please contact us if you live in another part of the US)

Wagyu-Angus 101

Our beef is a premium and delicious cross of Wagyu and Angus. It’s certified USDA Prime. And we highly recommend it as an alternative to 100% Wagyu beef. When we were looking at the best breed to raise at Teague Natural Farms, there were characteristics of the Wagyu that we liked such as the intense marbling and meat quality, but we found them to be a bit smaller than we like our beef cattle. With Angus, we liked their better birthing, bigger size and hardiness. With the cross-breeding of American Wagyu stock and Angus, we get the meat quality we want with all the size, marbling, flavor and texture along with cattle that are more resistant to illness and have a good temperament too.

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