“From our farm to your table.” 

We produce dry-aged artisanal beef with amazing marbling and outstanding flavor. Our beef is raised Naturally, which means our cattle are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and never fed animal parts. They are born and raised on our farms and given the best grass and richest non-GMO grain. 

Price List

Dry-Aged Cuts:
*All Steaks are dry aged minimum of 30 days.

Porterhouse Dry-Aged:  $36.00 Per Pound
Rib-eye Dry-Aged: $36.00 Per Pound
Filet Mignon Dry-Aged: $40.00 Per Pound
Bone-in N.Y. Strip Steak Dry-Aged: $30.00 Per Pound
Sirloin Steak Dry-Aged: $17.00 Per Pound
Boneless N.Y. Strip Dry-Aged 34.00 Per Pound
Boneless Rib-eye Dry-Aged: $38.00 Per Pound

Non-Dry Aged Cuts:

Flank Steak: $12:00 Per Pound
Skirt Steak: $12:00 Per Pound
Shank: $10.00 Per Pound
Ground Beef: $8.00 Per Pound

Wet-Aged Steaks:

Filet Mignon: $35.00 Per Pound
Boneless Rib-eye: $30.00 Per Pound
Boneless N.Y. Strip: $28.00 Per Pound

And we have fantastic cuts for slow cooking!

Eye Roast: $10.00 Per Pound
Sirloin Roast: $10:00 Per Pound
Shoulder Roast: $10.00 Per Pound
London Broil: $12.00 Per Pound
Sirloin Tip Steak: $10.00 Per Pound
Brisket: $ 15.00 Per Pound

*All Prices are without shipping and sales tax (7%)