Our North Carolina Beef Cattle: a special cross of Wagyu & Angus

Coming from a cattle family, we had experience with many breeds of cattle and have eaten a lot of beef, all over the world.  But in the end, we realized there is nothing like North Carolina beef raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We wanted to create a craft beef with perfect marbling as well as a memorable, outstanding flavor.  With this in mind, we knew there was only one way to go: a grass-fed and grain finished Wagyu-Angus cross.  

By bringing these two breeds together, we get the superior marbling and meat quality from the Wagyu cattle and the better birthing, bigger size and more hardy characteristics from the Angus side of the family. Cross-breeding also delivers cattle that are more resistant to illness and have a good, calm temperament.   In addition, we’re committed to naturally-raised cattle.  This means our cattle are 100% antibiotic free, eat only grasses and nutrient-rich non-GMO grains and receive no growth hormones.  Our farm is also free of feedlots, so the cattle eat as they roam and enjoy a stress-free pasture life.

We choose to grain finish because it delivers the qualities and benefits we prefer. First, it enhances the marbling, flavor and tenderness of the craft beef.  Second, grain-finished beef is also known for its milder steak flavor compared to grass-finished.  Finally, grain-finished beef has a lower carbon footprint as the cattle produce less methane and reach their desired weight faster.  

Farm Life

Our Wagyu-Angus cattle are born and cared for at Teague Ranch in eastern North Carolina. They come from a stock of American-raised Wagyu bulls crossed with Angus heifers and cows.  This cross creates a strong and hardy breed with outstanding meat and marbling. Once our yearlings are weaned, we bring them to live at Teague Natural Farms just outside Asheville, NC. You can count on us to be involved with our cattle every step of the way. Our small herd gets to roam through several pastures and graze all day on nourishing grass and indigenous plants.  Throughout the farm, we’ve planted indigenous plants, to help support the land and provide vital habitat for local birds and wildlife.  In addition, this contributes to our cattle’s diet as they graze.  

Mountain springs run through the property, providing water for the herd.  In the evenings, the cattle enjoy a high quality GMO-free grain blend which contributes to the sought-after marbling in the meat.  We spent a lot of time searching for the right grain blend to support our cattle and contribute to the craft meat experience.

In addition to our Wagyu-Angus cattle, our farm family includes  a hardy herd of Spanish goats who thrive in Asheville’s climate, two friendly alpacas and a flock of free range chickens.  With the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s a peaceful spot for animals and humans.

Farm Crew and Butcher

Helping run the farm are former bull rider and experienced farm manager Bryan and a second-generation butcher, Jamie, who ensures every cut of craft beef from Teague Natural Farms is just right.  We’re lucky to have this couple as part of the Teague Natural Farms team who share their cattle and dry aged craft beef expertise.