Where do you ship your dry aged craft beef?

We can ship anywhere in the continental US. If you live in the southeast US including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, DC, Georgia, Tennessee or Florida (or are shipping to the southeast), shipping time and cost is most efficient because we ship from our farm near Asheville, NC.

How much is shipping?

It will vary based on your purchase and shipping address. Please click here to open our site’s shipping cost calculator and see your best options to ship beef to you.

How is the beef packaged?

Dry aged craft beef and other cuts from Teague Natural Farms are vacuumed sealed and shipped frozen to you.  Your cuts will be individually packaged.

Is your dry aged beef available for pick-up or sold at any markets in or near Asheville?

If you live in the area, please give us a call: Tom (828) 747-9804 • Fiona (828) 747-1885 • Bryan (828) 777-4465 or email us at tom@teaguenaturalfarms.com and we can work something out.  We don’t have a regular schedule at the nearby Farmers Markets but we will share any upcoming events on the blog and Facebook page. Please follow us @TeagueNaturalFarms and sign up to get news direct from the farm.

Is your craft beef organic?

While our farm and beef is not USDA Certified Organic, our beef is USDA Naturally Raised, plus we go beyond that.   As a natural farm, our cattle never receive antibiotics or growth promoting hormones.  And our cattle are pasture-raised and grain finished, enjoying native grasses and special non-GMO grain.  Some natural farms include a feedlot or feedyard, but we don’t believe in this. We let our cattle roam the pasture for a calm and peaceful life.  The organic beef industry is actually very small. Keep in mind that as of 2016, less than 1 percent of all farmland in the US is organic. According to the USDA, there are 5 million acres of organic farmland and   2.3 acres of that is certified organic rangeland for beef cattle. 

Do your cattle receive antibiotics or growth hormones?

No, our cattle do not receive any antibiotics or growth hormones.  This is part of our commitment to raise beef naturally.  In addition, we pasture-raise our herd and they are grass fed and non-GMO grain finished.  Our herd is also very hardy and healthy, due to the crossbreeding of the Wagyu and Angus. 

Do you raise all the craft meat you sell?

Yes, we only sell the craft beef we raise naturally on our farm.  Our herd, which is a special cross of Wagyu and Angus cattle are raised on our pastures and are grass fed and grain finished.  To ensure our herd gets all of the support and attention they need, we only raise up to 25 cattle at a time. As a natural farm, we give our cattle zero antibiotics, no growth promoting hormones and only non-GMO grains. 

Do you sell 100% Wagyu beef?

Our beef is a premium and delicious cross of Wagyu and Angus. It’s certified USDA Prime.  And we highly recommend it as an alternative to 100% Wagyu beef.  When we were looking at the best breed to raise at Teague Natural Farms, there were characteristics of the Wagyu that we liked such as the intense marbling and meat quality, but we found them to be a bit smaller than we like our beef cattle. With Angus, we liked their better birthing, bigger size and hardiness.  With the cross-breeding of American Wagyu stock and Angus, we get the meat quality we want with all the size, marbling, flavor and texture along with cattle that are more resistant to illness and have a good temperament too.

Do you take custom cut orders or could my friends and I buy an entire side of beef from you?

Since you’re looking for something special like buying an entire side of beef that’s not offered on our online butcher shop, let’s chat ASAP.   Please call us for current inventory: Tom (828) 747-9804 • Fiona (828) 747-1885 • Bryan (828) 777-4465 between 9 am - 5 pm Eastern time or email us at tom@teaguenaturalfarms.com.  Then we can talk about what you’re looking for and how we can help.  

Have another question that’s not covered here? 

Please call us at 1-828-747-9804 between 9 am - 5 pm Eastern time or email us at tom@teaguenaturalfarms.com.  We’re happy to help answer questions about our dry aged craft beef  or help you place an order.