Our Craft Beef Story:  How we got into the Dry Aged Meat Biz

At Teague Natural Farms, we believe food gets more interesting when there is a story behind it. We want to know where our food comes from and who raises or grows it. This is especially true when it comes to buying meat online or at the store. We expect transparency, sustainable practices, a commitment to animal welfare and raising beef naturally. We’re on a mission to help you escape the middlemen of the meat market. There’s no place for mystery meat of questionable origin on our plates. Guessing you may feel the same.

Creating More Access to Local Craft Beef

All of this inspired the start of Teague Natural Farms in 2016 with our first herd of Wagyu-Angus beef. To start our small family farm, we chose 50 acres of farmland, just outside Asheville, NC. We wanted to create more access to local dry aged craft beef. In addition, we wanted to ensure our future generations can enjoy small farm life and contribute to the farm to table experience. It’s a meaty endeavor, but we’re up for the challenge.

Meet Teague Natural Farms farmer, owner and dry aged beef aficionado Tom

Tom is our 3rd generation North Carolina cattleman and craft beef connoisseur.  He started his career in banking, but after some years, he decided it was time to return to his North Carolina beef roots. With a commitment to carry on a family tradition in the cattle business, Teague Natural Farms and a cross of Wagyu and Angus cattle were born. Tom and his family started farming and the North Carolina beef scene will never be the same.  

Three Generations of North Carolina Beef & Dairy Farming

Tom takes his natural place as a 3rd generation cattleman, following his dad and grandfather. In addition, Tom wants to inspire the 4th generation to continue the family tradition of raising craft dry aged beef for folks in the southeast as well as throughout the United States.


Tom’s grandfather was a tenant dairy farmer in Graham, NC and his dad, Tom Sr., grew up working on the dairy farm. Tom Sr. started his career in sales and that led him to the truck leasing business. However, he couldn’t leave his cattle past behind for too long. Tom Sr. later added cattle to his business ventures and started Teague Ranch. This included raising champion Bucking Bulls for the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) circuit, raising Brangus cattle for artisan beef market and more.

Teague Natural Farms & Teague Ranch

Teague Natural Farms works in collaboration with Teague Ranch to raise our special cross of Wagyu-Angus North Carolina beef. And now, these rare steaks and dry aged beef are available, when you buy craft beef online from us.  

From our Family Farm to your Table.