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Here’s our selection of pasture-raised and grain finished craft beef that’s been wet aged. For background on the wet-aged process, one of our favorite foodie sites The Kitchn describes it this way:

 Wet-aging is a relatively recent technique that developed along with advances in plastics and refrigeration. In this process, cuts of beef are vacuum-sealed in plastic and shipped to the market. The enzymes still have time to tenderize the meat enough to make it acceptable, and the biggest plus is that there’s no weight-loss in the meat due to dehydration. 

When we get our beef back from the abattoir, we vacuum seal the meat onsite at the farm typically for four to 10 days before freezing. You can count on Wagyu-Angus beef with outstanding marbling and flavor from a farm you know and trust.  And that little bit of knowledge makes the meat buying and eating experience so much better.  For the best in North Carolina craft beef, look no further than Teague Natural Farms. Here’s the beef straight from our farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
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